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Don't Forget the National Cherry Blossom Festival

I wrote about the National Cherry Blossom Festival a few weeks ago, indicating they should be blooming soon. In fact, the bloom was a bit delayed this year because of our very cold winter but they are in FULL BLOOM RIGHT NOW!

To learn more about this wonderful Springtime Event in our Nations Capital, I would suggest you go to the 
National Cherry Blossom Festival website. The information shared on the website is most useful and this weekend is packed full of wonderful Springtime Weather. So why not venture out to see the spectacular blossoms.

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4 commentsDavid Burrows • April 12 2014 02:21PM
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I wrote about the National Cherry Blossom Festival a few weeks ago, indicating they should be blooming soon. In fact, the bloom was a bit delayed this year because of our very cold winter but they are in FULL BLOOM RIGHT NOW To learn more about… more
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